You think you're Aries? You're not!

To prove my point, I'm goint to show you results from a free astronomical software, that actually shows ehre the stars are, not where they were 200 years ago according to old calculations that aren't precise, simply put, because everything in the Cosmos moves. You can get the free software here and even try a web version here 

So typically people will say that they are Aries when they are born between, let's be super generous, 19th of March and 22nd of April. I'm adding a few days just to further my demonstration.

And to be more thorough, let's remind everyone that when we say being Aries we mean that our sun sign is in Aries, or more to the point, that when we were born, or rather took our first breath, that the sun was aligned with Aries demonstration.

Because I receive a lot of resistance to that simple observable fact, I'm going to show you the alpha omega of those dates.

Starting with the 19th of March, the sun is barely entering Pisces and ending with on the 22nd of April, the sun is barely leaving PIsces. See for yourself :