to correct the dates

"We shall not contradict these legends, because they encourage solemnity and help humanity to perceive the Great Images. Nor do We correct the dates that have been established by convention. On the contrary, We send forth benevolent thoughts at each of humanity’s holy days. Solemnity is intensified if one is aware of the great achievements that are honored by these memorial days."

Elena Roerich's Agni Yoga serie, Supermundane, #125 

But it is now time to correct the dates.

The simplest way to explain why there is such an alignment confusion is because if the earth takes a year to go through all signs (by going around the sun and thus aligning itself, through the sun, with different constellations), the sun itself takes a bit more than 25 000 years to do the same thus making it that every a bit more than 2000 years, at the same time of the year for us, the sun would be aligned 30 degrees different, which is 360 degrees divided by 12 months.

Also, signs aren't all 30 days, some are closer to 20 and some are closer to 40, thus it is also a common mistake to divide the calendar into 12 exact 30-degree pies.

It's quite easy to correct this mistake by using astronomical software instead of an outdated calculation table that dates too far into the Middle Ages.