Proper alignment.

Here are two screen captures I just did (2023, February 9th) of how stars actually are aligned now, with the free software of Stellarium.

Anyone who knows horoscope a little bit (and I'll use the word horoscope for the type of predictions we can read in journals and astrology as the science that intrigued both Newton and Einstein, of the actual bodies of Heaven), will think that we are two third into Aquarius right now, but look, we haven't even left Capricorn yet.

That's all. Case closed.

Because that is what horoscope claims, that the sun sign and that the sun entering your sign and whatever else they claim, always refers to an alignment that isn't there.

You can't make science with such lazy and outdated maths.

It's a necessary foundation, astrology without astronomy makes no sense whatsoever, it'd be like talking about psychology while denying any scientific knowledge we have about the brain.

AI says "Contrary to popular belief, the stars in the constellations used in Western astrology are not aligned with the positions they occupied at the time of one's birth. The current alignment of the stars and constellations have shifted due to the precession of the Earth's axis, causing a discrepancy between the astrological signs and the actual positions of the stars. This means that the sign you associate with your birth may not accurately reflect the stars that were in the sky at the time you were born."

 The sun also has a procession to it's axis, the galaxy spins, lots have changed since the romans and the middle age.