The 13th sign,

Were you born on the 15th of december?

Here's where your sun was, I'll give you a hint, not at the end of Sagittarius, close to capricorn.

I missed the 13th sign debate a couple of years back because I was in a 2 week meditative retreat, but many friends thought about me because I had already started talking about my astrological project, and yes, it is amongst the things I've always wanted to demonstrate, although I wasn't really talking about 13 signs but more to the point that there are many other more than the famous 12, but yes, the 13th is an interesting spot, I've alway talked about it more in terms of being closer to the center of the galaxy, you see, the milky way is the center of the galaxy and when we look that way we can feel the black holes and observe tons of phenomenons.

If we are to consider the science of the suns, of galaxies, of the fact, in a nutshell, that we are living within heavenly body, feeling their breaths, well we can't only be considering the aligments of the sun when we took our first breath, we also need to consider everything, for example, we are living within a galaxy wherever the sun, the moon, the east was at the time of our birth of conception of wedding or whatever.

There's a famous chinese expression that I'm very fond of in terms of epistemology, it goes like this "the fish is not at the right place to discover the existence of water", what I understand this to mean in science is that we have a tendency to discover what is different but not what abounds; we tend to take for granted everything that doesn't change much, like gravity, the fact that if we bounce we get back on the floor, or air, which we often even call emptiness.

What happens when we talk about our sun sign is a bit like a magnifying glass taking the light behind it and putting it forward into such a focus that it becomes obvious that there is indeed more light than we tend to think, accustomed are we to being bathed in it.

As a matter of fact, Einstein's prediction that made him very much known was that the distance between two stars would diminish when getting closer to the sun because the sun's mass would be strong enough to act as a magnifying glass and put the rays closer to one another.

It's a bit the same thing that we can say about our sun sign, it is our natural state because of an abundance of it, even if we are born at night, the difference being that it's not the light that is amplified but what we could call the spiritual energies of those suns and constellations of suns.

I'm not going to get into defining what is the soul of a sun here, I'll keep this for a later article, but suffice it to say that we tend to define life in very anthropomorphic terms, it's always been our mistake and the more science evolves, the less life is defined as someone with 4 legs who can smile and say Hi; I say the sun's fire is the very breath of life itself.

Please notice that this grey zone between Scorpius and Sagittarius is of particular interest because it is huge but that this phenomenon exists between each and every sign, just for the fun of it, for example, here's the 18th of June that could very well be considered Orion :