The full moon is exoteric, the new moon is occult

When Shiva arrives, just before the new moon, he brings in the destruction of a cycle to allow a new one. A bit like one needs to take the tapestry off a wall first, to either paint or put on a new tapestry.

Death is mostly seen as negative from an exoteric point of view, but from the point of view of the soul, it is a liberation of the cage of the limited senses, of the limited perception of time, of the limited perception of the links between people, of the limited perception of the luminous fibres and all that makes telepath a banality,

But we like to act all important, and veil what is obvious, as if to feel special when uncovering eternal truths, and letting them come a drop at a time, for that is what a veils does, it limits the amount of light coming in.

But what is veiled exactly?

God itself in the form of the source of life and love within our solar system:

So, to clarify, when we see the new moon, we see the moon’s aura veiling the sun’s energy, we see the occult, the unseen, the stuff of initiates and of people able to sense what most can’t.

On the contrary, what a full moon really is a full sun:

Which explains why everyone wants to party and eat and drink and laugh and dance.

Because everything under the sun can.